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Besides answering emergency 911 calls, Life EMS provides other transport and medical services for northwest Oklahoma.

911 Response Agency

Life EMS is the primary 911 responder for Enid, Oklahoma and Garfield County, as well as the City of Hennessey. Life staffs all EMS 911 and non-emergency ambulances at the ALS paramedic team level, giving patients an extra level of medical expertise.

ALS responders are able to perform invasive and noninvasive procedures, including protocol-driven administration of ALS pharmaceuticals, advanced airway tracheal intubation, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation.

Inter-Facility and Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Life EMS transports non-emergency patients from northwest Oklahoma into Oklahoma City and Tulsa, as well as other locations.

Specialty/Critical Care Transport

Life EMS offers state credentialed critical care paramedics for patients whose medical conditions require skill levels beyond that of an ALS ambulance.

Wheelchair Transport (UpLift)

Life EMS offers UPLIFT, a community transport service for those needing transportation while in a wheelchair. These services are available for short- and longer-distance trips.

Life EMS Membership

You can be a Life EMS member. Pay a nominal annual fee ($60.00 per family) to avoid paying any portion of an ambulance bill your insurance(s) does not or will not pay. Life EMS operates a very successful ambulance membership program, (Life EMS Membership Program). It was first offered in 1967. Currently, the membership program is available for the residents of Garfield County and for the City of Hennessey.

Special Event Medical Standby Services

Life EMS offers medical standby services for the community during sporting events, festivals, fairs and holidays. We also offer standbys during public safety events. Contact us if you require standby service at your event.


Accufile, Inc. is Life EMS’ sister company. Accufile, Inc. performs billing and collections services for scores of transporting EMS agencies, volunteer EMS services and private ambulance services in Oklahoma. Charges for ambulance services are established with a fee schedule approved by individual ambulance providers. Accufile processes invoices for its clients in a timely manner billing all accounts in compliance with State Medicaid and Federal Law observing both privacy and security HIPAA guidelines.