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We Want YOU!

Considering a career in the EMS field? Life EMS knows having the right people on our team is the most important thing we can do to provide the highest standard of care. We are looking for the very best.

Our Equipment
Is Simply the Best

To hire and retain the very best people, we know having the best equipment matters. Life EMS provides patients and staff with the latest technology and top-tier equipment.

Home Away From Home

Our living quarters include private rooms, a full kitchen, a fitness equipment room, as well as lockers and storage areas to help make those working the longer shifts more comfortable.

Room to Move

Life EMS has a spacious meeting room, plus an onsite training facility for internal trainings and meetings as well as community training sessions.

On the Move

Life EMS cares about patients, staff and our community. We strive for constant improvement and growth, always looking for new and better ways to serve.

Join our Team

Life EMS staff works hard, supports each other, encourages professional growth and lives to serve others. While some join the group because they seek challenge and work well under pressure, all join the group because they value life, doing all they can to preserve it for others.


Life EMS paramedics report to the operations director and clinical coordinator. Paramedics are considered the senior crew members on an ambulance and are responsible for the care and transportation of the EMS system’s 911 patients and transporting ALS and BLS inter-facility patients. Adhering to all regulations and protocols affecting the company and its service areas, paramedics are also responsible for maintaining all clinical certifications, demonstrating knowledge of approved treatment protocols for each service area, and demonstrating a working knowledge of the ambulance and onboard equipment.

Emergency Medical Technicians

Reporting to the operations director and operations manager who serve as field supervisors, Life EMS EMTs are responsible for the care and transportation of 911 patients and inter-facility patients. EMTs are responsible and accountable for adhering to all service areas’ regulations regarding the transportation of patients. They must also maintain all EMT-level clinical certifications, demonstrating knowledge of protocols in Life EMS’ service areas, a working knowledge of the ambulance, and proficiency with all onboard equipment.

Fill out this form to apply.

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General Information

Certification Information

List ONLY current certifications.

Note: Photocopies of certifications will be required if interviewed.

Employment History (Life EMS)

Employment History

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Educational Background

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Miscellaneous Information

Note: A Conviction Record will not necessarily be a bar to employment. However, falsification will result in termination of the application or employment.

Applicant Acknowledgement

I certify that the information I have given on this application is true, complete and correct, and I understand that any false information, or the omission of information may be considered a sufficient reason for my discharge if hired. I recognize that completion of this application does not obligate Life EMS in any way. This application is not an agreement or a contract for employment.

If offered a position and at any time thereafter, I consent to medical examinations as may be required to determine my fitness to perform the job duties.

I understand that I may be required to undergo drug screening tests as a condition of employment. To comply with this requirement, I consent to providing a sample of my urine or other physical samples (such as blood or hair) prior to employment and again at any time so requested. Specimens will be tested for both legal (prescription drugs) and illegal substances. A positive test for legal substances will require proof of a current prescription. I further consent to allow any doctor, hospital or testing laboratory to conduct any medical test or examination as may be required by Life EMS as a condition of my employment, and I hereby give my consent to the release of all information which Life EMS deems necessary to determine my ability to perform job duties now or in the future. I further understand that refusal to submit to an alcohol or drug screen test at any time will result in immediate discharge from Life EMS.

I hereby authorize Life EMS to investigate my employment history with former employers and to make any further investigation deemed necessary in connection with my application for employment, including a criminal history check, driving history check, child abuse clearance check, and other such inquiries. I release Life EMS and all informants from all liability resulting from such inquiries. I waive all rights to see or review the information so furnished.

I certify that I am not now, nor have I ever been excluded from any state or federal health care program. I further understand that if it is determined that I was so excluded, my employment with Life EMS may be terminated.

I have read and agree to this disclaimer.